F.Y.I.T.M. ("fight-em")

TheShopBeer_FYITM 2.png

ABV: 10.1%       IBU: 110

Balanced + Citrus + Sneaky



Sometimes you go out drinking with friends and you end up naming a beer.  Born in jest, on an evening just like this one, Five Years In The Making (F.Y.I.T.M.) is its official moniker.  But if you visit our brewery and give a wink, a nod and your best secret handshake, you my learn it's more infamous handle.  When it's all said and done, F.Y.I.T.M. (pronounced "fight-em") is a Double IPA that is full of un-holy hop goodness and ho-ocity.  F.Y.I.T.M. is a creeper and will probably friend you on Facespace.  He loves memes that are "relatable" and is only "half-a-man" until after his morning coffee.


We've started to refer to F.Y.I.T.M. as the D.P.A.'s bigger brother.  It's father is a blend of 6 different hop additions and it's mother is enough grain to choke a horse.  These two met, fell in love and conceived this freak of nature.  The end result is a bigger, stronger, faster and creepier beer. God help us all!