Tickle Fight

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pizza porty brewing

Step into the ring....A quick body jolt.  Knees buckling. Am I laughing or terrified? It's a fine line. Lurking in the shadows, sometimes in plain site. Could be a friend, could be a bully. Potentially a sibling or relative. The enemy is disguised like a wolf in sheep's clothing. This so called "tickle fight" is only a careless whisper away. Think you got what it takes?

Tickle Fight is a 7.1% abv & 65 IBU crossover between a NE-IPA & West Coast IPA. Featuring Centennial, Apollo, Columbus, Strata & Cascade hops and a HUGE dry hop that give this a great juicy flavor, steady bitterness & a slight haze. Who knows maybe we have a new crossover style here AZ-IPA?!

ABV: 7.1%      IBU: 65

Dank + Citrus + Giggly